Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Silent Shuffle's "Happens" Demo at Soundcloud


(Cover art by Dylan Zweben)

it's a demo....that's what we used to make to try to get record deals with record labels like Atlantic and big names....names that were bigger than the bands......and like Zappa said....As soon as "The Man" took over the music business....As soon as "The Man" decided he knew what people wanted and his taste was more important to marinate than realizing that hin another time...in another town...in this town but another time....missing you around....all that we can do....is keep on pushing through....everything happens for a reason......it's true.......I'm listening to the song while I write this blog watching the news thinking about how to not care about the little things at least that's what this self help book is telling me....and to not give a care about the little things and to focus on the important things in life and not pretend that everything is good and everything is perfect because it is not and to wear my flaws on my sleeve and I try to do that but it is too real for people to stop and hug in the middle of the sidewalk we should all be hugging and cuddling and holding on to life for our dear lives....

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