Friday, November 16, 2018

Z's "Friend" at Soundcloud!

(Art by Harper Zweben, 6)

This song came to me after I had to clear out my friend's list and take stock in who remained on it.  And I'm not talking about social media.  I'm talking about real friends.  Because sometimes, you have to look around and see how the people around you are and how they treat you and if they treat you as an equal and if they appreciate you....Well, sometimes, you got to clean slate.  Because life is too short...To not be surrounded by people who want to spend time with you regardless of what your going through or what you need.  That is a true friend.  And here's my new song....Friend:

Friends will come and friends will go
No one cares if you make it home
Don't get too attached to a crew
They'll end up talking smack about you
They're saying, he's dark, he's vain
He's on a different plane
He's sad he's deep
He must be incomplete
I've been looking for some people
With a different view
Maybe it will happen tonight
Maybe it is you
Words and music by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Art by Harper Zweben


Van Overbeek said...

That's a very good song!

Van Overbeek said...

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