Thursday, November 22, 2018

What You’re Missing When You Walk With Your Phone

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile. When you walk and text or read an article on FB or look at at cat video on’re missing life. Because life is what is happening in front of you and I can’t tell you how many great experiences I’ve had through random occurrences that wouldn’t have happened had I been glued to my screen.  Like in the 90’s when I ran into Adam Yauch, MCA! from Beastie Boys on his skateboard going into the music store on my block to check out pedals...I met him bc I wasn’t glued to a phone....bc we didn’t have phones...And this post isn’t about name dropping it’s about what is lost when our whole world is obsessed with a thing that distracts us from those around us...the stars, the nature...the animals...the universe...we need physical contact to relate to each other better...So after this post...I will take a walk...In a beautiful cold thanksgiving day...I listen to the birds who have not fled south.  And listen to the sound of the boats and quiet conversations...And I will look at the sun. And will be grateful.


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