Sunday, November 18, 2018

Energy & I'm A Minimalist

I like to run.  I like to record and write music and play at the park with my daughters and play music for people and friends and relax and be with the people I love.  I also like to write and share music and words and ideas and those expressions come out at night.  Because artists are dreamers and we dream when we sleep.  But we wait till it's late and everyone is asleep then our minds wander and search and ponder and read and write and create something new for no other reason but to do it....Because it feels right.  It feels good.  It feels like we are connecting to something big.  Because we are looking for more than a news feed to connect us.  We want real communication.  Without distraction.  True contentment is never reached when your checking your phone.  But I see more folks ditching the screens and diving into books of literature.  Anything to change our current mood.  

(I'm a minimalist but I do use a Macbook to produce my lo fi records which I don't use a mic for, I record directly into the computer....But I don't take up any extra parking spaces and I have no budget so I don't spend money on my recordings anymore....It's like when you hear about those films that gross a million dollars but we're made for next to nothing....My records are made for nothing.....For reals.....

Here's a song I wrote not really related to all that but who cares:

You have the power
To try to change
Turn your energy
A new way
Cause every hour
Your thoughts consume
Remove negativity
From the room
Your feelings are bringing you down
Are you really in control
Feels like something went wrong
Turn your energy into a song
Turn that energy into a song

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