Monday, January 15, 2018

Wake Up

"Wake up to each day
As if it were a new page"

That's what I try to do everyday.  I try to make everyday better than the last.  I try to not get lost/caught thinking about the past.  I don't even like to listen to songs from 2017 because they remind me of that horrible year we just had.  And that's not being negative.  It was a horrible year and I'm glad it's behind us.  I'm glad we don't have to live in 2017 anymore.  And that's why I'm not listening to songs, or at least hit songs from 2017 anymore.  This song, Wake up, is now just being released (by me) on Bandcamp and it will be up on Soundcloud soon and these are my preferred methods of putting my music out to the world these days even though you can find me at all digital outlets, I'm sticking to Bandcamp/Soundcloud for the Silent Shuffle releases just because where we are at now and I'm not going to get into all that now listen to the music and have a good night and comment something nice if you have something nice to say if not search your soul and decide why you are negative and why do you troll random folks and try to make them feel bad....but...I'm not going to get into all that tonight good night....or good morning if you're in Australia....

Monday, December 18, 2017

Silent Shuffle's Wake Up At Soundcloud!

SilentShuffle presents:
"Wake Up"
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Wake up to each day
As if it were a new page
Like a car that stalls
I'm stuck in a place
Keep trying to move forward
Wake up and drink some tea?
Get up on the F train
Heard you do the same oh oh
I'm stuck in a place
Trying to move forward

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Silent Shuffle's "Six" at Soundcloud and Noel Gallagher!

Harper did the artwork for the new Silent Shuffle single.  This song was influenced by the great Noel Gallagher who I had the pleasure of meeting at his recent album listening party at The Box.  It was an awesome night.  I went home and listened incessantly to Oasis and got in the mind frame of that time and it was amazing.  I'll post some pics/video from the night soon...It was truly an inspirational night.....He's an inspiration....My question to him was....And I'm paraphrasing.....How many times did he write that song that he didn't need to record when he wrote it because it was so good and memorably he'd remember it the next day and for the rest of time....And we talked about Oasis and I asked if that was ok and he said of course since he wrote all the songs!!!!!  He was truly Noel in person and you got to give it to the guy....He's written some killer tunes that have stood the test of time....I hate when people say that.....Sorry.....That have rocked the world and changed it for the better.......

Lyrics & Music by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Produced by Dan Zweben
Artwork by Harper Zweben

Welcome to silent shuffle
It's time for me to listen
It's time to pay attention
It's been too many years
What they want is to keep in place
All the things that need to change
What they want is to take it back
But they can't do that
Let's give it back
To everyone
To everyone
Lets give it back to everyone
It's time for me to sit down
And focus on your thoughts
It's time for me to listen
Listen to what I got

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Silent Shuffle's "Shelter" at Soundcloud!

Silent Shuffle Presents:
All tracks recorded on an iPad
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
You have your mornings
You have your days
But you still find
A way to complain
You have shelter
Over your head
You have food
And you have bread
What U have is all you need
What U have is all U need
What U have is all U need
We could just be free to???
Be in a place where everyone feels they belong
What U
What U have is all U need
What U have is all U need

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Art & The Music & The Vibrations & The Energy Of Humans Interacting & Dancing & Celebrating What We Have

Petty, Prince, Bowie, Reed....Hunter...MJ....George Michael......Jeff Buckley..... Chris Cornell....Kurt Cobain......Andy K.....So many men.....Why do so many men die young? But life is short...And I remember when these men when they were young....all of them...Except Hunter but he holds a special place in my heart so I include him with these it was yesterday....early prince...early Petty...wake me up before you go go....I was living in Canada and I'd put my boom box up against the tv speaker to record the top 10 videos off much music.....I lived in Minneapolis during college and you couldn't live in that town and not feel the spirit of Prince....Each of them had a profound effect on me when I was young and as I grew and I still can't believe they're all gone.....maybe there is music being made somewhere....somehow......Or they're spirits are passed on and their living new lives amongst us......Who knows.....Anything is possible.....But I'm not trying to sit here and whine about how everything used to be better back in the day....I know that change is inevitable but I think we can take some cues from the time period before the internet destroyed all the other industries.....Music was something you went to a store to purchase with friends and you got to interact with folks and maybe meet a special person who liked the same kind of music as you and it was a shared experience....And musicians made a living making art.....And people went to see music and art and socialize and meet their future lovers and the world functioned where more artists could live and survive and even thrive and all of that went away.  The experience of the record store and the live experience changed and the world changed.....But if we could just bring some of that rock back in our lives....It's what brings us together....The art and the music and the vibrations and the energy of humans interacting and dancing and celebrating what we have.....What is left....That is life....That is living.....Some of that is what we need to get back to....Where we don't use our phones to disconnect us from conversation....Where we engage with our friends and our lovers and our kids and the rest of the world....Because....Really.....How good can a text feel?  Does updating your status make you feel better about your life?  Does it compare to a real hug when you need it?  Does it feel as good as trading songs with a new friend after a show in the middle of the night in a city you could only have imagined living in?

Arcade Fire

The beginning of the song "Creature Comfort" off the new Arcade Fire record reminds me of Grimes and that's a good thing.  Arcade Fire always seems to always put out a record at the right time.  And they also seem to always find a new way at looking at our mundane existence.   I guess I've always had a soft spot for the band since they're Canadian and I lived in Canada as a kid for 10 years but they're from Montreal and I lived in Toronto but still...Full disclosure, I was born in New York City.  But Canadians always seem to have a refreshing view of life.  Such as Neil Young.  And Broken Social Scene. And Joni Mitchell.  And Drake.  And this new Arcade Fire record seems to have come along just at the right time.  "Signs Of Life" feels like danceable Talking Heads and the beginning of the song "Creature Comfort" reminds me of Grimes and that's a good thing.  I'm not going to go track by track and over-describe it.  I'm not going to waste your time.  I'm a fan of the band and I'm a musician and I'm not a critic.  I'm not here to tell you what they mean in their lyrics.  I"m just going to tell you that I like the beat and I like to tell Alexa to turn "Play the new Arcade Fire album...".....It's not the complicated.....Somehow we made music complicated....And it's worse for it....Lets get back to the basics.....And I'm not talking about instrumentation.....Can we just stop overanalyzing this life....Can we just stop and enjoy the things we love?  Like art?  And music? And film?  And love?  And summer days in the late fall....And the laughter of the children....And how some adults just don't know how to grow up....And that's a good thing....Because.....Growing up is overrated....Not true actually...Those shirts that say "adulating".....annoy me.....Because you don't have to point that out....The greys and the wrinkles and the wisdom in your eyes gives you away....And that's a good thing....Embrace it....Stop dying your hair.....Be who you are....Because that's who the world will appreciate most of all......

#arcadefire #canada #newmusic

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Be A Man

I'm writing a lot these days.  It's good to keep the mind flowing.  Creative.  Songs.  Scripts.  Pitches.   It's all related.  There's no limits on what us creative folks can do these days.  We have technology and active interpreters looking, hungry for good art.  Good music.  Great songs.  Videos.  Art.  Interpreting life.  So I'm just letting it all out there.  This one, "Be A Man" (link below) is inspired by the likes of Air and Morcheeba and that kind of sound.  If you read my blog you know I'm on a Stranger Things kick but I only watched the first episode because Halloween and everything's been busy.  But that is life.  Which I'm trying to appreciate more.  And I'm still recovering from Halloween so I'll keep it short for the moment....Check out "Be A Man" yo.....

This is the wide shot of the cover art from the song at Soundcloud:

Why don't you stand up and be a man
Who put you in this boat?
Are you doing all you can?
Your still wearing that old coat

Winter's wind on it's way
It will come to pass but today

Why don't you make up a new plan
Why don't you write it in a book
do you try to find new land
you could learn how to cook

Are you doing all you can
Are you trying to be a man

Monday, October 30, 2017

New Music Video For Silent Shuffle's "Be A Man" at YouTube

The link is so new that I have to share it as a link and not a video because....Well...You understand...Somethings just don't make sense in this world but who has the time to explain it all......This song I wrote this morning and by the afternoon I was already shooting the music video.  That's how it works these days.  When you're making art for yourself, you just want to see it appear.  The process is the journey and that is the experience.  There is no reward.  There is no sugar on top.  There's no award show and there's no phony people telling you to sound like Radiohead and Bloc Party or whatever that person is into that week.  For musicians, it's just a way of life.  For Petty.  For Van Zandt.  For all of them.  Or at least most of them.  Well, I read an article where Beck said he finishes his hardest songs early in the morning.  Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury since my kids are up by 5:30 a! But I do need sleep since Halloween is tomorrow and we're hosting a party and I need to rest so goodnight and watch the video of the song "Be A Man" which will be out soon on Soundcloud.  After I sleep .)

Composting and Getting Back To The Root

I'm getting back to the root of it.  The root of who I am.  The root of who I was.  I know you can't look back but you can remember who you were.  And what you wanted.  And you can remember all the great things that have happened along with the hardships.  But you can never be that person again.  You can't let one event, one album, one song, one movie, one job, one relationship....Define you.....I hear the dogs barking outside.  I keep the lights off in the day because we need to save every ounce of energy we have left.....I compost....Just taking a poll of my readers....Who does compost?  Please comment in the comment section and we can have a discussion because I feel like I'm the only one doing it and everyone around me blames it on their building or their neighborhood when it should be available to everyone.  We can't just make some people bear the burden of the problem.  And we could be doing it on such a grander level....We think big with money but not with saving the planet....I try to live a like a minimalist.   You do when you live in a city where space is hard to come by.  On the train.  At work.  At a restaurant.  But at least I have the water close by to run to and let my  mind escape.  But I digress.  What I'm getting at the root of is the song.  I read an article in the new Flood magazine about this band called Omni.

I'm paraphrasing here, but were talking about how they liked the sound of just them as a 3 piece and they didn't do many overdubs on their new record. And I want to get back to the basics like them.  Everything today sounds so overproduced and we have the capability to produce tracks on our iPads and release them on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  Some of my favorite versions of great songs are the stripped down versions of them.  I've also been experimenting with writing lyrics in the moment and this is what I came up with the other day and the song was complete in 15 minutes.  Here are the lyrics to "Wind Me Up" followed by the link at Soundcloud:

Wind Me Up

Why don't you wind me up
And spin me round?
Why don't you fill my cup
Don't you bring me down
Spin me like
Bottle unkept
Take me for a ride
Make me wept
But I won't lose a tear
Won't find this year
Find a new hand
Make you understand
Don't you wind me up
Fight my bluff
Don't Take my word
Don't you hear what you heard
Never that changed
But nothing stays the same
Hey yeah nothing stays the same

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Why I Like Bandcamp

why I like bandcamp? it's a place where artist can connect directly with their listeners and there's an endgame where if people dig it enough they can buy the track and that way that $$ goes more directly to the artist....soundcloud is a great way to get exposure, but there is no financial gain for the artist for us to a have a sustainable place for artist to make money and survive and continue to make their art and connect with new listeners/fans/followers all over the world...and still putting some money in the bank for the don't have to go through cd baby distribution to get on bandcamp!! and you don't have to wait for weeks to get the songs just record the track and upload it straight to waiting period...and the money you make from the downloads goes directly to your PayPal account....So....Check out my Stranger Things inspired track pretending at bandcamp:

Stranger Things & The Alternate Soundtrack!

So with the release of the 2nd season of "Stranger Things" on Netflix, I've decided to record an alternate soundtrack inspired by the show.  I even added the eighties keyboard (hear above) to my new single which came along with an instrumental version which everyone seems to want these days so the lyrics don't compete with the story in a scene.  So you may prefer the instrumental...Listen and let me know but tell me in the nicest way because...Just...Be nice is all I'm saying and don't tell me to go record OK Computer.....Thanks.....Now...Back to Stranger Things....No spoilers here so I will just talk about the time period it takes place and the music on the 2nd season so far already has been packed jam with songs that are in my conscious......If you are a musician or even better if you're not, record your own eighties inspired music and send to me and I will post and we can create our own little alternate Stranger Things world :)

Stranger Things & Silent Shuffle's Pretending at Soundcloud!

We watched the first episode last night and have been listening to all the playlists on Spotify and getting inspired by the show to create my own soundtrack for the show and getting inspired to shoot my new show.....All the possibilities are endless and this is such an amazing show and it brings me back to my childhood and ET and Wynona Ryder is brilliant and the cast and the kids and the music....Is perfect television....And it's scary and perfect timing for Halloween.  I just bought my costume BTW....y'all are going to freak out....But for now, check out my new track inspired by the show Stranger Things.............

Artwork by Dylan Zweben:

Stop pretending
You're in a state
You keep descending
You're not awake

No compass or clue
Your friends try to help
You just want to swim
But your stuck in the kelp

Oh no I have become
Oh no feel so numb
Oh no I have become
I could just run away, away

So condescending to a friend
Let you know this is the end

Oh no I have become
Oh no feel so numb
Oh no I have become
I could just run away, away

Monday, October 23, 2017

Full Moon Fever

My friend Justin, who played drums on a couple of records I made in LA, reminded me of the brilliance of the Jeff Lynne Petty period which included "full moon fever".....I could go through the track listing and discuss how each song changed my life but I'd rather talk about the record as a whole and how when I was young and impressionable and looking for inspiration....this record was the record of that time....where each song was memorable...I was old enough to get petty at this point in my life.....and it was the "full moon fever" tour that I saw petty live for the 1st time at Summerfest in Milwaukee....and when he looked out at the audience it was like he was saying "hey man, I was there where you were and things can be better or this is as good as it gets...but it doesn't matter....just keep writing your songs and keep on keepin on"....I could feel his music in his bones and this was the record that turned me on to him in the first might be his best....the early stuff with jimmy is amazing and groundbreaking and world changing but this record reached another level for established him as one of will never forget......I can remember my dad had bought these new speakers and we had just hooked them up and I had just bought the cd "full moon fever".....and I opened the windows and turned up the speakers and put on the cd......and there it began....each song connected to the album.....this was before the internet....before Spotify.....before streaming and Napster and Soundcloud and Bandcamp....before Nirvana.....before the nineties....before I was married and had kids and before I went to college and before I grew up....there was....."Full Moon Fever".......

re: what tom petty meant to me & a generation

Mitch Dorf:

So, I'd thought I'd share a personal story about Tom Petty some might enjoy. After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, my very FIRST post gig was mixing his "Into The Great Wide Open" music video. Tom, lead guitarist Mike Campbell and, I believe, their manager Tony Dimitriades were in attendance. To be honest, I was nervous as hell but did a good job not revealing the butterflies going on inside. Here I was in front of an analog Neve 5150 console with Necam 96 automation and these guys sitting behind me. I had to fly in sound FX from CARTS by hand, yes remember those, using a CMX 340 video editor for machine control of a 3/4" and analog 24 track, adding foly and reverb to Tom's narration in Studio A at The Post Group in Hollywood. All the motorcycle bys, jangly chains, metal crunches, crowd noise and boos.

But the most incredible moment for me came when Mike Campbell said he wanted to put on a new guitar solo towards the end. Now this was well before we had splits so all I had was the stereo track with the keyboard solo sitting right in that place. Didn't matter to Mike. He said he'd play right over it. So we set up his small amp in the VO booth, I put an SM-57 at 45 degrees right on the cone and ran his guitar cable out the door so he was in the control room. He plays a little, stops and screams at me, "THAT’S THE BEST GUITAR SOUND I’VE EVER HEARD!!! HOW’D YOU DO THAT?!" Mike Campbell just told ME he’d never heard as good a guitar sound as that? Are you freaking kidding!?!? I smiled back, raised my eyebrows and gave him a little chuckle and head nod. It was at that moment, I thought just maybe I might have a career in this town. Mike does maybe two takes and there it was, right on top of the keyboard. You can hear it at 4:01 over the second half of the middle keyboard solo and then at 5:03 during the outro solo. You'll hear its mixed a little louder than the rest of the song as to try and not fight with the keyboard. I have had many incredible moments and experiences in my career but to this day that still was one of the best. You won't find any other recordings of that song with those two insanely ridiculously perfect solos.

Tom couldn't have been nicer throughout the day. He was mostly quiet but was really focused on and especially liked the "Beefy" Harley sounds we put in. Besides that, he pretty much let me do my thing. As my assistant Michael Marinelli shared in his comments below:

"...while Mitch was setting up to record the guitar overdubs, I was behind the console setting up the ultimate motorcycle sound design, programming those lovely flying faders to coincide with the gpi settings for the 3 cart machines that were to play the SFX. Oh technology! Tom was sitting at the other end of the console reading a newspaper or magazine. It was going to be so great. The only things is, my part was probably taking a little too long. As I'm working away, trying to make everything just right, Tom looks over his glasses and says to me, and I quote . . . 'You know, when we make records, we just set those babies at zero and play.'"

After it was mixed, printed and the good byes and thank you's were exchanged, I looked at my then assistant, Michael Marinelli, and said "WTF! Did that really just happen?" We laughed our heads off.

BTW, check out all the star power in this video. It's amazing what happened to almost everyone in it after it's 1991 release.
It's been 26 years and it seems like it was yesterday. I was never the biggest Tom Petty fan but I always enjoyed his music. One of the great American song writers of our generation and a really nice guy. Like so many, I am very sad but this memory of you is a blessing I will always cherish and comforts my sorrow in your way-to-soon-to-be-gone passing.

modern living

The book that turned into a show is still a book.  And songs are coming from the book. It's Sunday and I'm at the park with my daughter and I'm in a t-shirt and I'm sitting in the sun next to a highway and this is modern living.  

But the water is close and I can feel the breeze on my back and for this moment with the birds chirping above me, and my daughter, the runner, in her ability to play by herself and be so content, I'm in this moment....I think ofÃ¥rd and his contentment and how as a writer it was ok to embrace life and happiness does not make your work suffer. But no one's life is perfect and if we showed our flaws more maybe we would stop pretending that everything was fine when it's not and it could be so much better. But we have come to expect the usual and that will do for some of us but it's not enough for me. So I'm in search for something more.  And that's what this blog is essentially about.  Searching and wanting more than the status quo.  It's not about money it's about balance and accepting some things as the way they are.  Now I'm posting this post that I wrote yesterday at the park so I'm proof reading and adding some elements but essentially this is how I feel. If you're are interested in where this search ends up, keep gets better.....

Saturday, October 21, 2017

it's midnight....

and I've already posted twice tonight but I have one more left so here it goes.....but I really should go to bed and "call it a night" or "hit the hay"....but that would be boring...that would be obvious....and I'm trying to write more on the blog so I become a better writer and get my chops up just like a musician practices her instrument.....a writer needs to write....for no other reason than writing.....writing because it feels good to type and to put words down in front of your face to read that you wrote and that hundreds of people will read...and relate....or not relate to...but at least they're reading it...and you are writing it...and there is dialogue and understanding just by the relationship between the writer and the reader....but this is obvious........and I can hear the neighbors you not hear that in places where you don't have upstairs neighbors? whatever....I need to charge my MacBook Pro.....but whatever.....I muted the tv in order to focus my thoughts on the words that are for the reader...see how much I care for you enough to mute my television....the least you can do is continue to read this blog and go download a silent shuffle song off bandcamp but whatever....just watch my tv show when it comes out and keep reading the blog...I'm not starting a Kickstarter campaign and I'm not asking you to come to my show at midnight at Mercury Lounge but that would be awesome if I had a show booked there for midnight and you showed up and it was like before but it's not so I'll get over it.


when I go deep into character it's hard to get back to reality....story is so seep into the story like try to balance but it's hard....when you want to take it to that next level....but you can't push it too's got to come from a place that feels real....and when I write it comes out I put it down.....but I'm at the edge of my sit waiting for the re writes from my I blog....and I watch chill.....and's when my thoughts come alive.....when the world sleeps my mind awakes.....but the characters are like old friends and this creative process feels as close to something I want....and that's something....I'm getting to explore characters that I've thought about for a long time.....and you can paint your own world....when I was a kid I used to look in the mirror and pretend I was a all-star baseball player....the next michael jackson.....and I would hit a home run....and sing an encore....and fantasize that I could change the world and change my situation with just one song...or one whole life would change....and the world would change and we would all live in peace......and that's still my dream to this day......

if you get lucky, it may come around again

call it fall cleaning....stoop sale day...the weather was right....but to sell stuff is to let go...of clothes and books and it's an end...and today was an end to my relationship with 2 bob dylan books, some shakers and tambourines and clothes.....and it's weird when people negotiate with you over a book that changed your life a decade ago...but nothing is sacred anymore....we used to hold on to old recordings of ourselves but now all our "files" are on a laptop and we can't touch the tape and it's not the same.....but we didn't sell our vinyl or my guitars so all is not lost....we sold a dresser and a chair that I carried to the new owner's house bc the last thing I wanted to do was to take it back upstairs....there's something cathartic about getting rid of all of your stuff...because I'm not sure what were holding onto things's true....less is more....and it's good to let go of the past.....and move on... and live in the present and think about the future.....because we can't go back to the way it was.....not a photo or a jacket or a book or a tie will bring back the's nice to remember....but old things collect dust.....and take up space....and we need space to think and to play and to run free.....

wherever you are is where you're suppose to be so stay there and be committed to the moment....don't think about the near or far future because nothing's guaranteed and the better you are in this moment the better you'll be in life (and the afterlife according to the book I'm reading, many lives many masters) can't change what just occurred tonight or this week or last week or can only change how you act in this present moment.... or the rest of the night...or the next hour....or the next 20 minutes....this is all you can change....and even the future is somewhat predetermined....fate is as important as hard word so relax....and let things happen....I'm not saying don't be driven...bc we know you have to be in order to succeed and love what you do in this world...and we know you wouldn't want it any other way...but that's not necessarily what was meant to happen to you...and it might not happen that way for don't know what life has in store for take a seat....don't sit back...because you're in for a ride of a lifetime..and it may come around again if you get lucky.......