Friday, November 16, 2018

Z's "Friend" at Soundcloud!

(Art by Harper Zweben, 6)

This song came to me after I had to clear out my friend's list and take stock in who remained on it.  And I'm not talking about social media.  I'm talking about real friends.  Because sometimes, you have to look around and see how the people around you are and how they treat you and if they treat you as an equal and if they appreciate you....Well, sometimes, you got to clean slate.  Because life is too short...To not be surrounded by people who want to spend time with you regardless of what your going through or what you need.  That is a true friend.  And here's my new song....Friend:

Friends will come and friends will go
No one cares if you make it home
Don't get too attached to a crew
They'll end up talking smack about you
They're saying, he's dark, he's vain
He's on a different plane
He's sad he's deep
He must be incomplete
I've been looking for some people
With a different view
Maybe it will happen tonight
Maybe it is you
Words and music by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Art by Harper Zweben

Monday, November 12, 2018

An Open Letter

The money has gone to his head
It’s made him forget about what he said
About who we are and what this means
But the money doesn’t make him free..

But I am free........

To be who I am and to be a man
But in this day and age of plans
There’s no room for mistakes
Where are the places to escape to?
Where are the hills where one can be?
Without another hidden fee?
Where is the truth that we seek?
Is it on this mountain peak?
It’s a relief to let go
Of someone you used to know

Monday, October 29, 2018

Z - I See You At SoundCloud

I’m trying to live minimally...As a minimalist...And music doesn’t need to be so’s just a’s just a journey...all things will you might as well enjoy the ride...Harrison...Garcia...My heroes are mostly gone...But I live on...Onward..And here’s a new song:

Monday, September 24, 2018


I find the process of writing and making music enjoyable.  It's a very personal experience for me.  Through the music, I'm looking to express myself in ways that I just can't in regular life.  Small talk is not meant to inspire deeper and more real thoughts and feelings. It's about not making the other person uncomfortable....And there's not a lot you can talk about these days before people's opinions and close-minded minds get in the way of the conversation and you have to just move on...Because a lot people today believe exactly what they believe...And they're not looking to explore new worlds.  They just want their TV and their meal and their job and I'm not judging that....I'm just saying....There must be something else.....I was watching a documentary on Daniel Johnston last night and I asked my daughter to draw something for the cover of this new song I wrote and recorded under the name "Z" (See link above)....

This is what she came up with:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Travel The World

(Art by Harper Zweben, 6 1/2)

This is my attempt at a motivational song.  It was as if I was writing to a younger man, telling him...That everything would get better....And the journey, the struggle was just apart of the process and learning from the struggle and turning hardship into inspiration and art was something you can find in life.....I wanted to try to show them that the little things....Like friends...And music....And relationships....Would help....Get us through.....And the metaphor...Or not even a metaphor....To travel the world...To search from something unknown to you...To travel the world is a metaphor for life I guess....And if you keep travelling....Keep searching.....You will continue to excited about the future....Check out the track and lmk your thoughts.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


It’s a very calming record...Junun.... brings me back to the Middle takes me away as if I'm not in the city but I'm on a kibbutz or in the desert riding a horse in Dehab....listening to Bedouin musicians play into the night under the stars sitting by the fire ...this is music that soothes the soul....don’t get me wrong...I love Radiohead...I've seen them live and I adore their records....But this to me for Greenwood is such a departure and so unexpected but I guess we just take Greenwood and Radiohead for granted....and now Junun....I play it for my daughters at night to relax them before’s almost as if the record is music made for meditating. I walk around listening it in the city and dance to myself on the subway and I imagine how people around me would react to the record...If we could all just stop  put down our phones and dance and listen to this music.. and belly dancers would appear out of nowhere....and we could just smile...and appreciate the moment...for a moment...we could be one....


Tuesday, August 21, 2018


It's time to change the present
It's time to change the key
So put it on the table
With no hidden fee
The rich keep getting richer
There's no oversight
It's time to get together
It's time for us to fight
Oh man I just want to live
Oh man something's got to give
So few get a chance to play
Might as well stop obeying
Used to have reason
Used to have a dream
But this America
You get what you see
Oh man I just want to live
Something's got to give
So few get a chance to play.....
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)


I find running and exercising to be a personal and private thing...That’s why I don’t go to gyms....I like the space of the outdoors, where we as humans don’t spend enough time...But it’s starting to feel that way in regards to making music...writing songs is a very personal, intimate thang and when you throw in ego and clashing personalities it makes me want to just write and record on my’s hard to find people these days to play music with...everyone seems to be counting their miles and planning their next escape...but writing a song or taking a run to the water, to the pier specifically...can be an escape...and escape that costs nothing and you don’t have to get stuck waiting for your luggage....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Z @ Soundcloud

Is my new soundcloud page: "Z".....I'm producing, writing and recording everything on my own....I don't have time to get together with dudes every night looking for inspiration...I have inspiration....And this is my outlet...Unedited....I am the producer....I am the label...I am everything...And I'm not sure anyone is listening...But it doesn't matter....Music is therapy...Music is my outlet...It always has been....But when you put a pricetag on it....When it becomes your career....It often changes your relationship with music....I know all about that...But I'm at a different place in my life right now...A place, where my daughter needs my help with something to clean up so I have to wrap up this here blog post...But check out the new tunes....Even if they suck...I'm still doing it...It's about the journey, not the destination...Especially for most musicians, artists, songwriters in today's world...There is no destination....But whatever...We still have today....

("Artwork" for Z @ Soundcloud)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

chicago & tinley park & the grateful dead: 1990

jerry garcia to a 16 year old in the midwest who was looking for an escape represented everything: adventure...great songs....a community of like minded urban modern hippies....and the dead were different than kids...this isn't your 2018 dead...this is jerry....I always gravitated to jerry more...I guess you start to like bobby more as time goes on...but I always was a jerry me and my 2 best buds who also were looking for adventure from our drab suburban milwaukee tickets to see the dead in chicago...and we went camping...which we told our parents we were doing and the first night we camped....dude....what 16 year old kids today are going camping in the woods.??? we were living testament to jerry's makes me want to the second night we packed our things and drove to chicago...and as we entered tinley park the band played china cat into rider into fade away...the acid kicked in & the world opened up....& to see jerry right there...this was our temple...this was our religion...this was what life could's hard to explain that people wasn't about snapchating anything or facebook or was about living in the moment within a community where you felt like you were people who were open to the possibilities and weren't afraid to go was a different time...and that night....the rain came down but it was like it was meant to be...and we had nowhere to stay....and we drove all night through the storm back to milwaukee....back to my basement....we told my folks we got rained out camping and decided to come back early.....we were still tripping....not sure how we got home....a few months ago....I went to a q & a with the director of the documentary "long strange trip"....and I got a chance to meet amir and talk to him about the impact jerry and the dead had on me...and he understood....of course he did....he spent years trying to get permission from the band to make the tell alexa to create a grateful dead station on spotify and pour yourself a glass of wine & pretend your in chicago in 1990 with me, mike & dave.....

happy tuesday,

Friday, July 20, 2018

cause for hope

a bartender at a bar I frequent because my HS buddy bartends there said this tonight ..She said this tonight about the weather..yes, the weather...when the weather was this good...she said it made her feel happy to be alive.....that’s cause for hope right there....I’m trying to spend more time and get closer to daughter didn’t want me to go out I stayed with her until she fell asleep...and then I walked through Gowanus to get to the was a perfect be close to nature,cause for hope..a run early in the morning when it’s just me and the birds down by the water and the city has yet to caffeinate....cause for concern? cause for hope....the more we focus on the good in people...the more we compliment...the more we give...the more we get...