Monday, February 19, 2018

Why Artists Should Choose Soundcloud Over Spotify

As artists.  As songwriters.  We need to keep to writing.  We need to put the words down.  We need to keep putting it out there. Regardless of the production. We need to keep writing songs.  It's what we do.  It's like eating breakfast or exercising.  It keeps us alive.  And we need to support each other.  Because the "industry" isn't going to do that for you.  As an independent artist, this is why I choose Soundcloud.  Because I can post as soon as I "produce" my work.  And get it out there.  Without having to jump through all the hoops.  And even though I still have a couple of my earlier records up on Spotify, the "streaming" money doesn't justify anything.  It doesn't buy me a bagel or a coffee or anything.  At least with Soundcloud I can get my work out there.  Right away.   Because the only people winning at streaming are the giants.  And the corporations.  Like Spotify.  So not only as artists do we need to create work that lives outside the "streaming" world we should no longer support the machine and the "artists" they are promoting.  Just like we don't eat at McDonalds because it kills you, we shouldn't by Taylor Swift albums because it's bad for our soul.  So let's cleanse our souls in 2018 and create new music for new artists that aren't being pushed down our throats by the corporate cronies who think they know what we want.  And here's a new "pop/easy listening" song I just released on Soundcloud with the artwork created by my 9 year old daughter below:)

Silent Shuffle presents:
Tight quarters they take a toll
Photoshop in a brand new room
All this fighting it's getting old
All the sorrow I put you through
Tomorrow is coming soon
9 quarters will pay the toll
Photoshop in an ocean view
There's no hiding that bitter whole
All the sorrow I put you through
Tomorrow is coming soon
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs, BMI
Produced by Dan Zweben
Lyrics by Dan Zweben
Artwork by Dylan Zweben (See below)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No Fun

There's some Leonard Cohen inspiration and The Stooges as well.  And our 6 year old daughter Harper did the artwork so it's a family affair and I'm grateful for that....But I feel like people want real and they want to hear stories in songs so here's a feeling a lot of us are going through right now.....It's about feeling a loss of control in your life and realizing that staying in one place for too long is no fun.....Lyrics are below for your reading pleasure.....And I disagree with the pundits who say that reading will be replaced by pictures because you shouldn't believe everything you read....

It's no fun
So lets just run away
And find the light
We'll reach new heights and pray

I was feeling we'd lost all hope
I was thinking it's all a joke
But I can't find the laughter in these tears

It's a lot
But look at all you got today
It gets hard
To be apart

I was feeling we'd lost all hope
I was thinking it's all a joke
But I can't find the laughter in these tears

Monday, February 12, 2018

No Judgment

I wrote this song with the melody first....Before the chords....Inspired by Childish Gambino's Redbone.....Inspired by The Stooges....And many others...I track it in my car....Without the engine running so my hands got cold and my iPad is on its last legs (do people say this about tech stuff?)....

Here are the lyrics:

I want to be your lover
I want to be your friend
I'm really listening I don't want to try to pretend
Come on and tell me something
Your words are incomplete
My clothes are stained and I can hardly even find the beat
Why can't there be no judgment
Why can't we find the thrill
Why does it always have to come back to the kill

And the artwork/pic for the single at Soundcloud:

Monday, February 05, 2018

Golden Gopher

You don't even know what you're creating it for.....Everything is being spoon fed to us as if we were juveniles because everything expects the lowest common denominator these.....Nobody makes absolute statements and the ones that do are truly wrong and are doing it for their own greed.....It's hard not to be let down by what we have become....All of us...In a bubble...In a chamber....Looking for gratitude....Looking back.....But not looking forward enough...And not living in the moment...It sounds so cliche but it's so true and so hard to do...It's hard not to reflect on the past without letting it stunt the future...Because we must learn to move forward and move past where we are now...Because I don't need to tell you....This is not a place we want to stay in....We are in transition....We are like the way I watch TV now...I have to continue to find something new and exciting to find where as know what I'm saying....We are distracted by having too many choices and all the "answers" on our phones.....I don't want to google the answer....I want to climb the mountain....I don't want to look up the word "mountain" in the dictionary...Does anyone use dictionaries anymore?  I hope I'm dating myself....I pride myself and my generation and that we were the last generation to not have cell phones and internet (although Gopher starting at my university...Yes, I'm a Golden Gopher)......You just had to know where to go to find the party...The show...The band....The film.....You get where I'm going.....But enough about me.  And my generation....Because...No one ever cared about us....That's why perhaps....We'll be the ones to save the world......

Rest Your Head (Inspired By Logic)

There's slime all over my house although I will mention that my daughter and her friend took 3rd place at Disco's Slime Party on Saturday.  I'm very proud of her.....And she made the slime heart for the artwork for my new single "Rest Your Head".....
It's a family affair....So 300 words are the new blog post minimum.   I had an "assignment" for a "job" interview and they wanted me to write a 300 word blog now I'm just going to put this stuff out there for y'all to hear....whether it's a song...a poem...2018 is about's about art....It's about connecting....and giving back to a friend and listening to someone going through something...Cause we all going through something.....That's what this song is about and about where I'm at right now....My line is open...You need to talk...I'm here.....Here are the lyrics....Inspired by Logic.....

Get so hard
To just get through
Need someone
I'm here for you
I'm here for you
Here for you

Rest your head on my shoulder
Oh this winter feels colder
Never know how much you need from love

Get so dark
Too dark to see

Rest your head on my shoulder
Oh this winter feels colder
Never know how much you need from love

It gets hard
It just get through
Need someone
I'm there for you
I'm here for you

Monday, January 15, 2018

Wake Up

"Wake up to each day
As if it were a new page"

That's what I try to do everyday.  I try to make everyday better than the last.  I try to not get lost/caught thinking about the past.  I don't even like to listen to songs from 2017 because they remind me of that horrible year we just had.  And that's not being negative.  It was a horrible year and I'm glad it's behind us.  I'm glad we don't have to live in 2017 anymore.  And that's why I'm not listening to songs, or at least hit songs from 2017 anymore.  This song, Wake up, is now just being released (by me) on Bandcamp and it will be up on Soundcloud soon and these are my preferred methods of putting my music out to the world these days even though you can find me at all digital outlets, I'm sticking to Bandcamp/Soundcloud for the Silent Shuffle releases just because where we are at now and I'm not going to get into all that now listen to the music and have a good night and comment something nice if you have something nice to say if not search your soul and decide why you are negative and why do you troll random folks and try to make them feel bad....but...I'm not going to get into all that tonight good night....or good morning if you're in Australia....

Monday, December 18, 2017

Silent Shuffle's Wake Up At Soundcloud!

SilentShuffle presents:
"Wake Up"
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Wake up to each day
As if it were a new page
Like a car that stalls
I'm stuck in a place
Keep trying to move forward
Wake up and drink some tea?
Get up on the F train
Heard you do the same oh oh
I'm stuck in a place
Trying to move forward

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Silent Shuffle's "Six" at Soundcloud and Noel Gallagher!

Harper did the artwork for the new Silent Shuffle single.  This song was influenced by the great Noel Gallagher who I had the pleasure of meeting at his recent album listening party at The Box.  It was an awesome night.  I went home and listened incessantly to Oasis and got in the mind frame of that time and it was amazing.  I'll post some pics/video from the night soon...It was truly an inspirational night.....He's an inspiration....My question to him was....And I'm paraphrasing.....How many times did he write that song that he didn't need to record when he wrote it because it was so good and memorably he'd remember it the next day and for the rest of time....And we talked about Oasis and I asked if that was ok and he said of course since he wrote all the songs!!!!!  He was truly Noel in person and you got to give it to the guy....He's written some killer tunes that have stood the test of time....I hate when people say that.....Sorry.....That have rocked the world and changed it for the better.......

Lyrics & Music by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Produced by Dan Zweben
Artwork by Harper Zweben

Welcome to silent shuffle
It's time for me to listen
It's time to pay attention
It's been too many years
What they want is to keep in place
All the things that need to change
What they want is to take it back
But they can't do that
Let's give it back
To everyone
To everyone
Lets give it back to everyone
It's time for me to sit down
And focus on your thoughts
It's time for me to listen
Listen to what I got

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Silent Shuffle's "Shelter" at Soundcloud!

Silent Shuffle Presents:
All tracks recorded on an iPad
Written by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
You have your mornings
You have your days
But you still find
A way to complain
You have shelter
Over your head
You have food
And you have bread
What U have is all you need
What U have is all U need
What U have is all U need
We could just be free to???
Be in a place where everyone feels they belong
What U
What U have is all U need
What U have is all U need

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Art & The Music & The Vibrations & The Energy Of Humans Interacting & Dancing & Celebrating What We Have

Petty, Prince, Bowie, Reed....Hunter...MJ....George Michael......Jeff Buckley..... Chris Cornell....Kurt Cobain......Andy K.....So many men.....Why do so many men die young? But life is short...And I remember when these men when they were young....all of them...Except Hunter but he holds a special place in my heart so I include him with these it was yesterday....early prince...early Petty...wake me up before you go go....I was living in Canada and I'd put my boom box up against the tv speaker to record the top 10 videos off much music.....I lived in Minneapolis during college and you couldn't live in that town and not feel the spirit of Prince....Each of them had a profound effect on me when I was young and as I grew and I still can't believe they're all gone.....maybe there is music being made somewhere....somehow......Or they're spirits are passed on and their living new lives amongst us......Who knows.....Anything is possible.....But I'm not trying to sit here and whine about how everything used to be better back in the day....I know that change is inevitable but I think we can take some cues from the time period before the internet destroyed all the other industries.....Music was something you went to a store to purchase with friends and you got to interact with folks and maybe meet a special person who liked the same kind of music as you and it was a shared experience....And musicians made a living making art.....And people went to see music and art and socialize and meet their future lovers and the world functioned where more artists could live and survive and even thrive and all of that went away.  The experience of the record store and the live experience changed and the world changed.....But if we could just bring some of that rock back in our lives....It's what brings us together....The art and the music and the vibrations and the energy of humans interacting and dancing and celebrating what we have.....What is left....That is life....That is living.....Some of that is what we need to get back to....Where we don't use our phones to disconnect us from conversation....Where we engage with our friends and our lovers and our kids and the rest of the world....Because....Really.....How good can a text feel?  Does updating your status make you feel better about your life?  Does it compare to a real hug when you need it?  Does it feel as good as trading songs with a new friend after a show in the middle of the night in a city you could only have imagined living in?

Arcade Fire

The beginning of the song "Creature Comfort" off the new Arcade Fire record reminds me of Grimes and that's a good thing.  Arcade Fire always seems to always put out a record at the right time.  And they also seem to always find a new way at looking at our mundane existence.   I guess I've always had a soft spot for the band since they're Canadian and I lived in Canada as a kid for 10 years but they're from Montreal and I lived in Toronto but still...Full disclosure, I was born in New York City.  But Canadians always seem to have a refreshing view of life.  Such as Neil Young.  And Broken Social Scene. And Joni Mitchell.  And Drake.  And this new Arcade Fire record seems to have come along just at the right time.  "Signs Of Life" feels like danceable Talking Heads and the beginning of the song "Creature Comfort" reminds me of Grimes and that's a good thing.  I'm not going to go track by track and over-describe it.  I'm not going to waste your time.  I'm a fan of the band and I'm a musician and I'm not a critic.  I'm not here to tell you what they mean in their lyrics.  I"m just going to tell you that I like the beat and I like to tell Alexa to turn "Play the new Arcade Fire album...".....It's not the complicated.....Somehow we made music complicated....And it's worse for it....Lets get back to the basics.....And I'm not talking about instrumentation.....Can we just stop overanalyzing this life....Can we just stop and enjoy the things we love?  Like art?  And music? And film?  And love?  And summer days in the late fall....And the laughter of the children....And how some adults just don't know how to grow up....And that's a good thing....Because.....Growing up is overrated....Not true actually...Those shirts that say "adulating".....annoy me.....Because you don't have to point that out....The greys and the wrinkles and the wisdom in your eyes gives you away....And that's a good thing....Embrace it....Stop dying your hair.....Be who you are....Because that's who the world will appreciate most of all......

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Be A Man

I'm writing a lot these days.  It's good to keep the mind flowing.  Creative.  Songs.  Scripts.  Pitches.   It's all related.  There's no limits on what us creative folks can do these days.  We have technology and active interpreters looking, hungry for good art.  Good music.  Great songs.  Videos.  Art.  Interpreting life.  So I'm just letting it all out there.  This one, "Be A Man" (link below) is inspired by the likes of Air and Morcheeba and that kind of sound.  If you read my blog you know I'm on a Stranger Things kick but I only watched the first episode because Halloween and everything's been busy.  But that is life.  Which I'm trying to appreciate more.  And I'm still recovering from Halloween so I'll keep it short for the moment....Check out "Be A Man" yo.....

This is the wide shot of the cover art from the song at Soundcloud:

Why don't you stand up and be a man
Who put you in this boat?
Are you doing all you can?
Your still wearing that old coat

Winter's wind on it's way
It will come to pass but today

Why don't you make up a new plan
Why don't you write it in a book
do you try to find new land
you could learn how to cook

Are you doing all you can
Are you trying to be a man