Wednesday, May 02, 2018

the breeders at terminal 5

the breeders just came to NYC this week....they had business to take care of.....bring back the rock....and kim has a voice like an's no wonder steve albini is obsessed with that voice..and her...on a recent marc maron podcast she was fascinating...mesmerizing...and they played new stuff...and it was great....and the kids were dancing.....and they played gigantic and I thought about frank black and what he would have thought but I got back in the moment and danced and sang along...and they played stuff off pod and last splash and it was blast and I'm listening to the new record as I write this and it's a proper follow up to pod and last splash and I'm thinking about kim....

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Die For" Live from the Jalopy Theatre!

Every year the "art" parents get together at my kids school and put on a performance, a benefit for the school and a chance for us to connect and socialize and let loose.....It's a great night....This year I was fortunate to be accompanied by Josh Fagin and Darren Gordon which was awesome.  It's good to get back out in front of an audience and play these songs that are apart of my life and share them with new friends and old ones as well.  Next year, it looks like I'll be co-chairing the event :)

PS. Minnie Driver commented on my Instagram page :)

#itwasagoodweek #thelittlethings #goodwillhunting

Monday, March 19, 2018

7 Reasons Why I'm Grateful

1. My family.  My daughters.  My wife.
2. A hot shower listening to The Stone Roses at 7 on Alexa.
2. New friends.  Through my daughter I've become friends with a former rock star turned rock journalist.  Yesterday, we took our daughters ice skating in Prospect Park but first took the long journey/walk through the park by the river.....Sometimes....Well...All the time....It's all about the journey.  And we made it to the ice skating rink.  And the DJ played 5 classics in a row.  And my friend was happy.  Which made me happy.  Because, sometimes...a sunny day with new friends is all you need...And you need to find people to identify with in this life....You need to find people with common interest....Because you can't deny the things you find interesting....You can't pretend to be something you're not...And the sun was out. And it was amazing to spend one on one time with my daughter......What a good call my friend made....It really brightened up our day....
3.  Spring
4. Brooklyn
5. Mexico (One day we'll get back to Akumal.  Shout out to Fabian. )
6. The Stooges/Iggy Pop
7.  Mondays


Monday, March 12, 2018

The List (Pilot)

In 2018 I started the Brooklyn based production company The Gowanus Brothers with my friend director Nectarios Leonidas. The first pilot we created is called 'The List" with Nick Palance.  I met Nick at a party in the East Village through musician friends and from the moment we met, we clicked.  We started developing this show idea a few months back and we shot it on my new iPhone 10.  And if there's anything I learned from reading Mark Manson's new book, it's that I learned at least one thing.  We all have nothing to lose so you might as well just go for broke.  I'm not afraid of rejection.   Accepting rejection is hard.  But it is the only way you are going to get anywhere in life.  Our time here is not infinite.  What we make matter in our life consumes us and we tend to worry about things that don't really matter.  Like financial gain.  And cars.  And material things.  And a superficial lifestyle.  This show will get into that.  The List is a way for one to hold themselves accountable.  In doing this show we hope to put some positive influence into the world.  A way for us to connect on things that matter.  And "The List" will not lie to you.  It will be true because it will force you to decide what matters.  I'm in the process now of pitching the show to TV and brands that are searching for positive/transformative/entertaining content.  But in order to do that.  In this day and age.  I'm putting it out there.  In the universe.  For the world to digest.  Because it's something I'm proud of.  And Nick is a guy I think you should all know.  One day hopefully.  Have a great Monday.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Silent Shuffle's "Happens" Demo at Soundcloud

(Cover art by Dylan Zweben)

it's a demo....that's what we used to make to try to get record deals with record labels like Atlantic and big names....names that were bigger than the bands......and like Zappa said....As soon as "The Man" took over the music business....As soon as "The Man" decided he knew what people wanted and his taste was more important to marinate than realizing that hin another another this town but another time....missing you around....all that we can keep on pushing through....everything happens for a's true.......I'm listening to the song while I write this blog watching the news thinking about how to not care about the little things at least that's what this self help book is telling me....and to not give a care about the little things and to focus on the important things in life and not pretend that everything is good and everything is perfect because it is not and to wear my flaws on my sleeve and I try to do that but it is too real for people to stop and hug in the middle of the sidewalk we should all be hugging and cuddling and holding on to life for our dear lives....

Friday, February 23, 2018


We got on the road Tuesday morning and were checked into our hotel by lunch in D.C. Our concierge suggested  (an Obama favorite, I highly recommend the Po Boy) which was right by our hotel in City Center:

(Really friendly staff BTW that went out of their way to get to know the guests and the beds were super comfy and the whole experience was right on).

We ate at this awesome Ramen place (there seems to be a lot of Ramen in this town) but it's super late and my wife is sleeping and she'll remember so I'll update this post at a later date or not but our waitress was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt which was cool and it was a warm night and I remember it was near a block that could have been in Brooklyn and it may have been Georgetown....I'll get back to you on that....

National Air & Space Museum (see pic above) was awesome with all the old planes and rockets and The Wright Brothers and for the kids I would highly recommend the planetarium.....It's out of this world.....

That night the weather was warm and are spirits were high.  We were about to have one of the best meals of our lives.  And wasn't just about the food experience.  It was the vibe.   The place was new and it was built in an old firehouse and it was family owned and they were so proud of what they were involved in and the passionate about the food and the space (they gave us a personally tour).  It's called Spark, and it's built in an old firehouse and the food is out of this world and vibe is right and the drinks are perfect and everything is out of this world.  I know I said that but when I'm passionate about something I want to tell the world and this place has it....The vibe...The people...The food....The space.... Our Waiter that night and I vibed so much were collaborating on music now....Yes, it was that kind of experience.  That kind of vibe.  And we were in an old firehouse.  And that made it special too.  And it's the little things like that night and those people and that restaurant and my daughters and my wife and our life is what gives me hope.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Be Honest

(Art by Harper Zweben)

It's time we start making the music.  Stop taking what "they" give us.  Lets create our own reality.  And live in it.....What other choice do we have as artists?  As human beings?  As creators?  We create what we love and we listen to what we love and we love our children and we teach those children to treat each other right and enjoy life and art and music and appreciate each other and it's not a popularity contest and it's about changing the way we look at things....Overused word of 2018: Gamerchanger.  It's hype...And people who hype things tend to be to busy hyping than creating and making something new and appreciate realness and not being put into boxes and genres and not suffering from over exhaustion of too much stuff we don't need and too many sequels and too many people not taking chances and too many people concerned with money....And too much of it all....Instead of focusing on what matters. The art.  The song.  The person.  The story.  The human. The suffering.  The way we treat each other.  The way we try to impress one another.  The bad words.  The false notions.  The relentless pursuit of something unattainable....The hate.  The bias.  The judgments.  One day at a time.  We can do better.  We can be better.  But we must recognize who we are.  And what we need to do in order to change.  We must be honest with ourselves.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No Fun

There's some Leonard Cohen inspiration and The Stooges as well.  And our 6 year old daughter Harper did the artwork so it's a family affair and I'm grateful for that....But I feel like people want real and they want to hear stories in songs so here's a feeling a lot of us are going through right now.....It's about feeling a loss of control in your life and realizing that staying in one place for too long is no fun.....Lyrics are below for your reading pleasure.....And I disagree with the pundits who say that reading will be replaced by pictures because you shouldn't believe everything you read....

It's no fun
So lets just run away
And find the light
We'll reach new heights and pray

I was feeling we'd lost all hope
I was thinking it's all a joke
But I can't find the laughter in these tears

It's a lot
But look at all you got today
It gets hard
To be apart

I was feeling we'd lost all hope
I was thinking it's all a joke
But I can't find the laughter in these tears

Monday, February 12, 2018

No Judgment

I wrote this song with the melody first....Before the chords....Inspired by Childish Gambino's Redbone.....Inspired by The Stooges....And many others...I track it in my car....Without the engine running so my hands got cold and my iPad is on its last legs (do people say this about tech stuff?)....

Here are the lyrics:

I want to be your lover
I want to be your friend
I'm really listening I don't want to try to pretend
Come on and tell me something
Your words are incomplete
My clothes are stained and I can hardly even find the beat
Why can't there be no judgment
Why can't we find the thrill
Why does it always have to come back to the kill

And the artwork/pic for the single at Soundcloud:

Monday, February 05, 2018

Golden Gopher

You don't even know what you're creating it for.....Everything is being spoon fed to us as if we were juveniles because everything expects the lowest common denominator these.....Nobody makes absolute statements and the ones that do are truly wrong and are doing it for their own greed.....It's hard not to be let down by what we have become....All of us...In a bubble...In a chamber....Looking for gratitude....Looking back.....But not looking forward enough...And not living in the moment...It sounds so cliche but it's so true and so hard to do...It's hard not to reflect on the past without letting it stunt the future...Because we must learn to move forward and move past where we are now...Because I don't need to tell you....This is not a place we want to stay in....We are in transition....We are like the way I watch TV now...I have to continue to find something new and exciting to find where as know what I'm saying....We are distracted by having too many choices and all the "answers" on our phones.....I don't want to google the answer....I want to climb the mountain....I don't want to look up the word "mountain" in the dictionary...Does anyone use dictionaries anymore?  I hope I'm dating myself....I pride myself and my generation and that we were the last generation to not have cell phones and internet (although Gopher starting at my university...Yes, I'm a Golden Gopher)......You just had to know where to go to find the party...The show...The band....The film.....You get where I'm going.....But enough about me.  And my generation....Because...No one ever cared about us....That's why perhaps....We'll be the ones to save the world......

Rest Your Head (Inspired By Logic)

There's slime all over my house although I will mention that my daughter and her friend took 3rd place at Disco's Slime Party on Saturday.  I'm very proud of her.....And she made the slime heart for the artwork for my new single "Rest Your Head".....
It's a family affair....So 300 words are the new blog post minimum.   I had an "assignment" for a "job" interview and they wanted me to write a 300 word blog now I'm just going to put this stuff out there for y'all to hear....whether it's a song...a poem...2018 is about's about art....It's about connecting....and giving back to a friend and listening to someone going through something...Cause we all going through something.....That's what this song is about and about where I'm at right now....My line is open...You need to talk...I'm here.....Here are the lyrics....Inspired by Logic.....

Get so hard
To just get through
Need someone
I'm here for you
I'm here for you
Here for you

Rest your head on my shoulder
Oh this winter feels colder
Never know how much you need from love

Get so dark
Too dark to see

Rest your head on my shoulder
Oh this winter feels colder
Never know how much you need from love

It gets hard
It just get through
Need someone
I'm there for you
I'm here for you