Monday, March 12, 2018

The List (Pilot)

In 2018 I started the Brooklyn based production company The Gowanus Brothers with my friend director Nectarios Leonidas. The first pilot we created is called 'The List" with Nick Palance.  I met Nick at a party in the East Village through musician friends and from the moment we met, we clicked.  We started developing this show idea a few months back and we shot it on my new iPhone 10.  And if there's anything I learned from reading Mark Manson's new book, it's that I learned at least one thing.  We all have nothing to lose so you might as well just go for broke.  I'm not afraid of rejection.   Accepting rejection is hard.  But it is the only way you are going to get anywhere in life.  Our time here is not infinite.  What we make matter in our life consumes us and we tend to worry about things that don't really matter.  Like financial gain.  And cars.  And material things.  And a superficial lifestyle.  This show will get into that.  The List is a way for one to hold themselves accountable.  In doing this show we hope to put some positive influence into the world.  A way for us to connect on things that matter.  And "The List" will not lie to you.  It will be true because it will force you to decide what matters.  I'm in the process now of pitching the show to TV and brands that are searching for positive/transformative/entertaining content.  But in order to do that.  In this day and age.  I'm putting it out there.  In the universe.  For the world to digest.  Because it's something I'm proud of.  And Nick is a guy I think you should all know.  One day hopefully.  Have a great Monday.


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