Friday, February 23, 2018


We got on the road Tuesday morning and were checked into our hotel by lunch in D.C. Our concierge suggested  (an Obama favorite, I highly recommend the Po Boy) which was right by our hotel in City Center:

(Really friendly staff BTW that went out of their way to get to know the guests and the beds were super comfy and the whole experience was right on).

We ate at this awesome Ramen place (there seems to be a lot of Ramen in this town) but it's super late and my wife is sleeping and she'll remember so I'll update this post at a later date or not but our waitress was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt which was cool and it was a warm night and I remember it was near a block that could have been in Brooklyn and it may have been Georgetown....I'll get back to you on that....

National Air & Space Museum (see pic above) was awesome with all the old planes and rockets and The Wright Brothers and for the kids I would highly recommend the planetarium.....It's out of this world.....

That night the weather was warm and are spirits were high.  We were about to have one of the best meals of our lives.  And wasn't just about the food experience.  It was the vibe.   The place was new and it was built in an old firehouse and it was family owned and they were so proud of what they were involved in and the passionate about the food and the space (they gave us a personally tour).  It's called Spark, and it's built in an old firehouse and the food is out of this world and vibe is right and the drinks are perfect and everything is out of this world.  I know I said that but when I'm passionate about something I want to tell the world and this place has it....The vibe...The people...The food....The space.... Our Waiter that night and I vibed so much were collaborating on music now....Yes, it was that kind of experience.  That kind of vibe.  And we were in an old firehouse.  And that made it special too.  And it's the little things like that night and those people and that restaurant and my daughters and my wife and our life is what gives me hope.

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