Monday, February 19, 2018

Be Honest

(Art by Harper Zweben)

It's time we start making the music.  Stop taking what "they" give us.  Lets create our own reality.  And live in it.....What other choice do we have as artists?  As human beings?  As creators?  We create what we love and we listen to what we love and we love our children and we teach those children to treat each other right and enjoy life and art and music and appreciate each other and it's not a popularity contest and it's about changing the way we look at things....Overused word of 2018: Gamerchanger.  It's hype...And people who hype things tend to be to busy hyping than creating and making something new and appreciate realness and not being put into boxes and genres and not suffering from over exhaustion of too much stuff we don't need and too many sequels and too many people not taking chances and too many people concerned with money....And too much of it all....Instead of focusing on what matters. The art.  The song.  The person.  The story.  The human. The suffering.  The way we treat each other.  The way we try to impress one another.  The bad words.  The false notions.  The relentless pursuit of something unattainable....The hate.  The bias.  The judgments.  One day at a time.  We can do better.  We can be better.  But we must recognize who we are.  And what we need to do in order to change.  We must be honest with ourselves.

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