Friday, November 03, 2017

The Art & The Music & The Vibrations & The Energy Of Humans Interacting & Dancing & Celebrating What We Have

Petty, Prince, Bowie, Reed....Hunter...MJ....George Michael......Jeff Buckley..... Chris Cornell....Kurt Cobain......Andy K.....So many men.....Why do so many men die young? But life is short...And I remember when these men when they were young....all of them...Except Hunter but he holds a special place in my heart so I include him with these it was yesterday....early prince...early Petty...wake me up before you go go....I was living in Canada and I'd put my boom box up against the tv speaker to record the top 10 videos off much music.....I lived in Minneapolis during college and you couldn't live in that town and not feel the spirit of Prince....Each of them had a profound effect on me when I was young and as I grew and I still can't believe they're all gone.....maybe there is music being made somewhere....somehow......Or they're spirits are passed on and their living new lives amongst us......Who knows.....Anything is possible.....But I'm not trying to sit here and whine about how everything used to be better back in the day....I know that change is inevitable but I think we can take some cues from the time period before the internet destroyed all the other industries.....Music was something you went to a store to purchase with friends and you got to interact with folks and maybe meet a special person who liked the same kind of music as you and it was a shared experience....And musicians made a living making art.....And people went to see music and art and socialize and meet their future lovers and the world functioned where more artists could live and survive and even thrive and all of that went away.  The experience of the record store and the live experience changed and the world changed.....But if we could just bring some of that rock back in our lives....It's what brings us together....The art and the music and the vibrations and the energy of humans interacting and dancing and celebrating what we have.....What is left....That is life....That is living.....Some of that is what we need to get back to....Where we don't use our phones to disconnect us from conversation....Where we engage with our friends and our lovers and our kids and the rest of the world....Because....Really.....How good can a text feel?  Does updating your status make you feel better about your life?  Does it compare to a real hug when you need it?  Does it feel as good as trading songs with a new friend after a show in the middle of the night in a city you could only have imagined living in?

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