Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Be A Man

I'm writing a lot these days.  It's good to keep the mind flowing.  Creative.  Songs.  Scripts.  Pitches.   It's all related.  There's no limits on what us creative folks can do these days.  We have technology and active interpreters looking, hungry for good art.  Good music.  Great songs.  Videos.  Art.  Interpreting life.  So I'm just letting it all out there.  This one, "Be A Man" (link below) is inspired by the likes of Air and Morcheeba and that kind of sound.  If you read my blog you know I'm on a Stranger Things kick but I only watched the first episode because Halloween and everything's been busy.  But that is life.  Which I'm trying to appreciate more.  And I'm still recovering from Halloween so I'll keep it short for the moment....Check out "Be A Man" yo.....

This is the wide shot of the cover art from the song at Soundcloud:

Why don't you stand up and be a man
Who put you in this boat?
Are you doing all you can?
Your still wearing that old coat

Winter's wind on it's way
It will come to pass but today

Why don't you make up a new plan
Why don't you write it in a book
do you try to find new land
you could learn how to cook

Are you doing all you can
Are you trying to be a man

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