Monday, January 15, 2018

Wake Up

"Wake up to each day
As if it were a new page"

That's what I try to do everyday.  I try to make everyday better than the last.  I try to not get lost/caught thinking about the past.  I don't even like to listen to songs from 2017 because they remind me of that horrible year we just had.  And that's not being negative.  It was a horrible year and I'm glad it's behind us.  I'm glad we don't have to live in 2017 anymore.  And that's why I'm not listening to songs, or at least hit songs from 2017 anymore.  This song, Wake up, is now just being released (by me) on Bandcamp and it will be up on Soundcloud soon and these are my preferred methods of putting my music out to the world these days even though you can find me at all digital outlets, I'm sticking to Bandcamp/Soundcloud for the Silent Shuffle releases just because where we are at now and I'm not going to get into all that now listen to the music and have a good night and comment something nice if you have something nice to say if not search your soul and decide why you are negative and why do you troll random folks and try to make them feel bad....but...I'm not going to get into all that tonight good night....or good morning if you're in Australia....

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