Monday, October 23, 2017

modern living

The book that turned into a show is still a book.  And songs are coming from the book. It's Sunday and I'm at the park with my daughter and I'm in a t-shirt and I'm sitting in the sun next to a highway and this is modern living.  

But the water is close and I can feel the breeze on my back and for this moment with the birds chirping above me, and my daughter, the runner, in her ability to play by herself and be so content, I'm in this moment....I think ofård and his contentment and how as a writer it was ok to embrace life and happiness does not make your work suffer. But no one's life is perfect and if we showed our flaws more maybe we would stop pretending that everything was fine when it's not and it could be so much better. But we have come to expect the usual and that will do for some of us but it's not enough for me. So I'm in search for something more.  And that's what this blog is essentially about.  Searching and wanting more than the status quo.  It's not about money it's about balance and accepting some things as the way they are.  Now I'm posting this post that I wrote yesterday at the park so I'm proof reading and adding some elements but essentially this is how I feel. If you're are interested in where this search ends up, keep gets better.....

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