Monday, October 30, 2017

Composting and Getting Back To The Root

I'm getting back to the root of it.  The root of who I am.  The root of who I was.  I know you can't look back but you can remember who you were.  And what you wanted.  And you can remember all the great things that have happened along with the hardships.  But you can never be that person again.  You can't let one event, one album, one song, one movie, one job, one relationship....Define you.....I hear the dogs barking outside.  I keep the lights off in the day because we need to save every ounce of energy we have left.....I compost....Just taking a poll of my readers....Who does compost?  Please comment in the comment section and we can have a discussion because I feel like I'm the only one doing it and everyone around me blames it on their building or their neighborhood when it should be available to everyone.  We can't just make some people bear the burden of the problem.  And we could be doing it on such a grander level....We think big with money but not with saving the planet....I try to live a like a minimalist.   You do when you live in a city where space is hard to come by.  On the train.  At work.  At a restaurant.  But at least I have the water close by to run to and let my  mind escape.  But I digress.  What I'm getting at the root of is the song.  I read an article in the new Flood magazine about this band called Omni.

I'm paraphrasing here, but were talking about how they liked the sound of just them as a 3 piece and they didn't do many overdubs on their new record. And I want to get back to the basics like them.  Everything today sounds so overproduced and we have the capability to produce tracks on our iPads and release them on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  Some of my favorite versions of great songs are the stripped down versions of them.  I've also been experimenting with writing lyrics in the moment and this is what I came up with the other day and the song was complete in 15 minutes.  Here are the lyrics to "Wind Me Up" followed by the link at Soundcloud:

Wind Me Up

Why don't you wind me up
And spin me round?
Why don't you fill my cup
Don't you bring me down
Spin me like
Bottle unkept
Take me for a ride
Make me wept
But I won't lose a tear
Won't find this year
Find a new hand
Make you understand
Don't you wind me up
Fight my bluff
Don't Take my word
Don't you hear what you heard
Never that changed
But nothing stays the same
Hey yeah nothing stays the same

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