Monday, September 24, 2018


I find the process of writing and making music enjoyable.  It's a very personal experience for me.  Through the music, I'm looking to express myself in ways that I just can't in regular life.  Small talk is not meant to inspire deeper and more real thoughts and feelings. It's about not making the other person uncomfortable....And there's not a lot you can talk about these days before people's opinions and close-minded minds get in the way of the conversation and you have to just move on...Because a lot people today believe exactly what they believe...And they're not looking to explore new worlds.  They just want their TV and their meal and their job and I'm not judging that....I'm just saying....There must be something else.....I was watching a documentary on Daniel Johnston last night and I asked my daughter to draw something for the cover of this new song I wrote and recorded under the name "Z" (See link above)....

This is what she came up with:

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