Wednesday, August 22, 2018


It’s a very calming record...Junun.... brings me back to the Middle takes me away as if I'm not in the city but I'm on a kibbutz or in the desert riding a horse in Dehab....listening to Bedouin musicians play into the night under the stars sitting by the fire ...this is music that soothes the soul....don’t get me wrong...I love Radiohead...I've seen them live and I adore their records....But this to me for Greenwood is such a departure and so unexpected but I guess we just take Greenwood and Radiohead for granted....and now Junun....I play it for my daughters at night to relax them before’s almost as if the record is music made for meditating. I walk around listening it in the city and dance to myself on the subway and I imagine how people around me would react to the record...If we could all just stop  put down our phones and dance and listen to this music.. and belly dancers would appear out of nowhere....and we could just smile...and appreciate the moment...for a moment...we could be one....


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