Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Silent Shuffle's "Six" at Soundcloud and Noel Gallagher!


Harper did the artwork for the new Silent Shuffle single.  This song was influenced by the great Noel Gallagher who I had the pleasure of meeting at his recent album listening party at The Box.  It was an awesome night.  I went home and listened incessantly to Oasis and got in the mind frame of that time and it was amazing.  I'll post some pics/video from the night soon...It was truly an inspirational night.....He's an inspiration....My question to him was....And I'm paraphrasing.....How many times did he write that song that he didn't need to record when he wrote it because it was so good and memorably he'd remember it the next day and for the rest of time....And we talked about Oasis and I asked if that was ok and he said of course since he wrote all the songs!!!!!  He was truly Noel in person and you got to give it to the guy....He's written some killer tunes that have stood the test of time....I hate when people say that.....Sorry.....That have rocked the world and changed it for the better.......

Lyrics & Music by Dan Zweben
Shorewood Songs (BMI)
Produced by Dan Zweben
Artwork by Harper Zweben

Welcome to silent shuffle
It's time for me to listen
It's time to pay attention
It's been too many years
What they want is to keep in place
All the things that need to change
What they want is to take it back
But they can't do that
Let's give it back
To everyone
To everyone
Lets give it back to everyone
It's time for me to sit down
And focus on your thoughts
It's time for me to listen
Listen to what I got

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