Monday, October 23, 2017

Full Moon Fever

My friend Justin, who played drums on a couple of records I made in LA, reminded me of the brilliance of the Jeff Lynne Petty period which included "full moon fever".....I could go through the track listing and discuss how each song changed my life but I'd rather talk about the record as a whole and how when I was young and impressionable and looking for inspiration....this record was the record of that time....where each song was memorable...I was old enough to get petty at this point in my life.....and it was the "full moon fever" tour that I saw petty live for the 1st time at Summerfest in Milwaukee....and when he looked out at the audience it was like he was saying "hey man, I was there where you were and things can be better or this is as good as it gets...but it doesn't matter....just keep writing your songs and keep on keepin on"....I could feel his music in his bones and this was the record that turned me on to him in the first might be his best....the early stuff with jimmy is amazing and groundbreaking and world changing but this record reached another level for established him as one of will never forget......I can remember my dad had bought these new speakers and we had just hooked them up and I had just bought the cd "full moon fever".....and I opened the windows and turned up the speakers and put on the cd......and there it began....each song connected to the album.....this was before the internet....before Spotify.....before streaming and Napster and Soundcloud and Bandcamp....before Nirvana.....before the nineties....before I was married and had kids and before I went to college and before I grew up....there was....."Full Moon Fever".......

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