Monday, June 11, 2012

brd interview: style expert jenn falik

If you watch shows like The View or The Today Show, than you've probably seen Jenn Falik dishing out her secret beauty and style tips to Whoopi, Joy, Matt or Al.  And with over 8,000 followers on Twitter, Jenn's presence is now being felt in the social media world.  She's also a new mother, a wife and an avid BRD reader.  The following interview was conducted via email.  Here's Jenn on looking young, staying relevant and how to rock an Ergo.  

BRD: You're a style and beauty expert whose appeared all over television including "The Today Show", "Rachel Ray" and "The View". Can you give my readers some tips to help them stay looking young?  
JF: SPF, SPF and more SPF. I like to keep it simple. 
BRD: Are there specific products related to anti-aging you can recommend for men? How about for the women?  
JF: For men, I think it is so important that they find products they LIKE to use and like to look at- because it is too easy to skimp on your skincare regimen if you don't enjoy the process and the essentials are not right in front of your face. Anthony Logistics has a Vitamin C Facial Serum that is great- lightweight with a subtle scent, designed to be used before a moisturizer. I know a serum sounds like an annoying extra step, but serums are quite potent and definitely make a difference. The brand also has the best self tanner for men with a built in anti-aging benefits- I use it myself actually because it is fool proof. A faux glow always makes you look more healthy and youthful. Oh- and for new dads who aren't getting enough sleep- Kiehl's Eye Alert is a quick way to wake up your face, even when the rest of you is half asleep.

For women- oh my, where to begin? There really is so much. Right now I am into retinol so I am loving SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 cream. It is strong so you need to use with caution but every derm I speak to swears that retinol is the best comprehensive anti-aging ingredient out there, so I believe them.
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BRD: Not only are you a style/beauty guru, but you're also a new momma. How do you make it all work?
JF: It is a work in progress. I feel insanely lucky that I work for myself and can set my own schedule- but at the same time, the older Alexa gets, the harder it is to work from home- when she knows I am here, she wants to hang out. But as tempting as it sometimes is to slow down and play "mom" for a bit, I am determined to keep the momentum going because I hope when Alexa is old enough, she will get a kick out of what I do and love getting to come with me to TV tapings, press events and the like. I think that only good can come of her seeing how it really is possible to build the career of your dreams, and how fun it can be to work your butt off to maintain it.

BRD: Do you style your husband?  Has his style changed since he became a dad?  If it has, how so?
JF: The funniest thing is that my husband styles me! He has impeccable taste in both men's and women's fashion. We joke that he is the true brains behind my style operation. His style really hasn't changed a bit since becoming a dad- he has a closet full of well edited investment pieces- great shirts, sweaters, tailored suits and the like- which he will wear forever. It is quite impressive, I must say.

BRD: Do you have any fashion tips for new dads?
JF: Hmm- keep it comfortable because you are going to be spending a lot of time on the floor playing and chasing. But not so comfortable that you look comfortable, if that makes sense. New moms get flack for all of the sudden adopting a wardrobe of sweatpants and oversized tees (guilty as charged)- it works both ways. Oh- and stick to soft fabrics that won't irritate baby's skin- your worn out college tee shirts will actually come very much in handy- good thing you didn't listen to your wife's pleas to throw them away :)

BRD: Do you think a dad can rock an Ergo while wearing Toms?  
JF: It depends on the dad. If you have that laid back, San Francisco-y thing going on- totally. Tousled hair, some stubble, worn-in chinos, perhaps a Patagonia. If you are more of a banker type with an impeccable haircut, perfect shave and tend to wear suits or designer jeans with button downs, you will probably look (and feel) ridiculous. The latter can do one or the other- they take on an endearing quality solo- but together? Don't even try.

BRD: How can dads stay relevant when it comes to male fashion? 
JF: I think knowing what looks good on you- the colors and the styles, is the first step. The more subtle trends are the ones dads should adopt- maybe a pocket square, a skinny tie, a bold hue- not the crazy stuff we see on the runways. Dads tend to be busy people- they don't tend to pore over fashion magazines or like to spend hours shopping- so keeping it classic is the best way to keep it relevant. And by relevant- I mean attractive. Just because you are the fathers of our children, we still expect you to look hot. No pressure or anything. 

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